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Each page on FloridaSmart.com only allows 2 sponsorship positions, 1 for a category and 1 for a locality. If you choose to sponsor our Education top level category, for example, your ad would be listed on every Education page which includes 1000’s of pages. This includes every sub-category (such as public schools, private schools, etc)  + every city, county, metro area, region for that category. Sponsoring a Top Level Category on FloridaSmart gets you the most exposure and maximizes your branding efforts. If you choose to sponsor Orlando, for example, your ad would be listed on every Orlando page which includes every category, from Travel to Real Estate to Schools and everything in between. We have over 1000 categories! So a Local Sponsorship will gain you a ton of exposure.

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    The way our advertising banners work is, you choose either a location or a category to appear on each and every page associated with it. This puts you on 100's to 1000's of pages on our site. For example, if you choose "Education & Schools", your ad will appear on every page that displays for any category and location within the Education and Schools category. So you will appear on Orlando Schools, Florida Colleges, Miami-Dade Private Schools, etc. Another example is if you choose Orlando, your ad will appear on every page that displays Orlando such as Orlando Schools, Orlando Real Estate, Orlando Attractions, etc.
  • Tell us what County or City in Florida you'd like to place your ad on. During the launch period of our updated site, we are offering a low price for all cities and counties and will lock you in for 1 year at that low rate.
  • Advertise across an entire Category. Starting at only $99/month to be featured at the top of 100's to 1000's of pages and build your brand by sponsoring a main category on FloridaSmart. Price varies by Category popularity and size.
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    Once you submit your information, a FloridaSmart Account Rep will get in touch with you to go over the pages you are interested in. We look forward to promoting your business and brand.
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