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No experience is necessary to become a FloridaSmart.com writer. All you need is a passion, knowledge or information that you’d like to share. People are searching for what you know, if you have a small business, product, service, website or app, it is difficult to get noticed, even if you write and write. When you write for FloridaSmart, you are sharing your articles on a larger network that gets more traffic and has a exponentially larger chance of your article being found. And we give you full credit with a link back to your site. There is no better way to drive traffic to your website.

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FloridaSmart is all about people sharing their stories, sharing their knowledge and sharing their tidbits of information to help other Floridians and travelers find the best information from those who are truly in the know. Share Your Florida Passion.
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FloridaSmart is built on the awesomeness and expertise of those who live and work in Florida. We are a community for Floridians and Florida business owners who are passionate about sharing and networking in this fabulous state.
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As a writer for FloridaSmart.com, you not only build your personal brand, we promote your business, blog, website or app. Each article you write can include a footer with your business information so that visitors will be able to link directly to your webpage or social platform.
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