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Here’s how we increase your online visibility and create guest blogs for you on the #1 Florida Listing and Media site 

We Elevate Businesses in Florida with monthly managed guest blogging, articles written for you and published on a highly ranked Florida site.


Here’s how it works:

  • We work with you to set up a monthly plan to coordinate with any keywords, topics or campaigns to connect with other marketing efforts.
  • We learn more about your business, topics of interest in Florida, location, give-back and/or humanitarian efforts of your business or business owner and a few things that are personal to your business and or people.
  • We set up the monthly plan and review it with you
  • Then you sit back and relax while our editors write a monthly article each month for your business as a guest article on

Guest Blog Article Features

  • The article will be based around a Florida place, product, experience, or event in relation to your business, product, service, interests or story. Each article is focused on something in Florida and will either mention you in the article with a link, or add you as “article provided by: (your company) at the start of the article.
  • You gain more credible backlinks and dofollows while sticking to our integrity and google friendly format.
  • The link will connect directly to your profile page or a page on your website, social site or landing page for a campaign.
  • All content follows our strict editorial guidelines
  • Our editors write quality researched content each month based on a topic that relates to you, your interest and Florida based topics
  • Monthly Managed Guest Blogging allows you to gain credibility on a topic, expand your reach in your community, gain favorability for google rankings, increase visibility, and showcase your business in Florida easily and affordably.
  • We encourage you to share your stories and unique perspectives on a topic relating to your business, local area or experience in Florida with our editors to create unique and engaging content.
  • Example Guest Blog 1
  • Example Guest Blog 2
  • Requirements: Must be a Florida Business, Blog must be on a topic that includes or relates to Florida’s people, places and experiences.

Sample Business Scenarios

Here are 2 example scenarios of how we work with you and your business to provide articles that are both engaging to our Florida readers and promote your business through simple google friendly format. All articles are written by one of our editors with a mention and link to your business.

Sample Client 1

Business Type: Sandwich Cafe

Business Owner Profile: Owner lives in Orlando, loves boating, loves his 2 dogs, does community service for Humans Society.

Sample monthly article topics:

Month 1: How to make the best Florida Cuban Sandwich
Written in first person or interview format with an inline mention of client 1 as the expert

Month 2: Boating with your dog in Florida,
With “provided by client 1” or “tips by client 1”

Month 3: How this Sandwich Shop owner is giving back to help the pets in his community
About client 1’s feel good story.

Month 4: Tips on how to make the best Florida themed sandwich
With “Provided by client 1”

Month 5: 5 places in Orlando you may not believe you can go with your dog
With “provided by client 1”

Sample Client 2

Business Type: Eye Doctor

Business Owner Profile: Owner lives in Tampa, enjoys time off with her family exploring the downtown area of Tampa and the Tampa attractions, she sponsors her sons football league, and she is passionate about yoga. 

Sample monthly article topics:

Month 1: Family friendly places to explore in Downtown Tampa
Include a recommendation in the article from “client 2”

Month 2: Football little leagues in Tampa
With “provided by client 2” 

Month 3 client is running a campaign for the new year: Upgrade your Florida look with new eyeglass frames for the new year
Article will feature new looks and a recommendation for “client 2”

Month 4: 5 top Yoga classes and gyms in the Tampa Bay area
With “Provided by client 2”

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