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The Truth about Most Online Business Directories 

People do not go straight to a business directory to find a business. Hello Google! When the directory has a niche, reviews or other content and features to rank on google, that’s when they click through.  

That’s where we come in. FloridaSmart is a media magazine with informational Florida content that ranks on google and draws those clicks. When a visitor is curious about a topic that is your business niche, they find you in an organic and natural way that makes them trust and value your brand more driving more traffic and clients to you. 

A Better Business Listing Service


Media Magazine

FloridaSmart is a media site first with local guides and compelling content which brings visitors to our website where your business listing gets noticed. 


Descriptive Listings

Full paragraph description included with your listing that helps visitors to our local area guides learn more about your business and connect with your business. 


Featured Editorials

Optional Full page editorial featuring an article about your business to build credibility and trust. Studies show that over 75% of consumers are more likely to do business with a business who is talked about or recommended by others.


Credible Backlink

Creating links back to your website is favorable for SEO but it also needs to gain traction, have additional content and usefullness, and be kept current in order to maintain it’s usefulness. We keep your listing active.


More Affordable with More Features

Featured Editorials on FloridaSmart.com are more affordable than other online magazines, chambers of commerce or backlink services. For less than 30 cents per day, your brand will be gaining favorability online with a business directory listing or link


Positive Branding

Consumers do not like ads. Instead, they prefer to be informed about a business before doing business with them. A business listing or featured editorial provides information that helps our visitors connect with your brand to make informed decisions.


Google Favored

Google likes us because we follow a high standard of integrity as a human edited directory of websites with well-written articles and content features.


FloridaSmart Creates Communities

Be found where consumers are looking for your business.

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Why do we charge an admin fee?
We are working to keep our content compelling to our visitors and limit ads to make our readers experience more pleasant. This is what brings visitors to our site where they can find your business.

While the actual publication of your business on our site is free, we pay an admin to verify and certify your business, which is why our business listings are trusted by both our website visitors and google. Being included in our business directory not only provides a valuable backlink for your business, it brings credibility and expands your reach online.

Being included in our business directory not only provides a valuable backlink for your business, it brings credibility and expands your reach online.


Feature Your Business

ONLY $100 editorial fee plus 29.95/year listing fee

A Featured Editorial invites visitors into your business and builds likability and credibility around your brand.

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Our Commitment to You

FloridaSmart is a human edited directory, privately owned and operated. We live by high integrity standards in both our lives and in our business. We love to help Florida’s Small Business owners gain exposure and results and we go above an beyond to build your credibility online. We believe in collaboration and working together to showcase what makes Florida great.

We look forward to helping you gain more exposure online. 

Elevating Small Businesses in Florida to Stand Out and Get Noticed