Video Content that takes your brand or product to the next level

Video Production & Editing

Add a Professional Business or Product Video to your Business Listing and promote on Youtube, SEO, Social Media, Amazon, Your Website

Video Content

Increase engagement, rankings and time spent on your site or social feeds with videos.


Script Creation


Video B-Roll & Title Cards


Call to Action included


High Quality Video Export

We take your existing content and create short videos to post on your website or social channels. 


2-4 Minute Promo or Info Video


5-45 second Social Video Clips


Optional Voiceovers / Spokesperson

Video is a powerful form of online content and builds a larger audience and grows likability. 

Super Easy to add Videos to Your Content Marketing

Step 1

Place your order and include links to the content you’d like in your video including informational web page, images, and any additional scripts or footage.

Step 2

Our team will take your existing content and put together a short marketing video for use on your website, youtube, and shorter clips for social media. 

Step 3

We send you the HD quality videos for posting directly to your social platforms, youtube, your website and on your listing on FloridaSmart.

Start Video Marketing and add value to your brand with videos for sharing on youtube and social media accounts

Video Formats

Promo Video featuring you, your service or your business. 2-4 minutes long depending on the nature of the video. Perfect for adding to your website or promotional pages.

Product Video features a quick ad showcasing a product. Perfect for online stores, Amazon and other market platforms.

Social Media Clips are shortened clips of your promo or product for adding to social media. Let us know which social media site you require and we will create the perfect size and length for that platform.

Premium Video Package

Includes a combination of videos built to fit your budget and your video needs. This package is designed to build your video content fast.

Sample Package:

  • 4 Promo Videos
    (1 voiceover, 1 spokesperson)
  • 4 Product Videos
  • 12 Social Media Clips

Affordable Video Marketing Solutions

High Quality low-budget projects including promotions, fundraising campaigns, spoken word and music artists, product infomercials & showcase, personal interviews, and more. We make it affordable for you by using your own video content and images and create an expertly edited video. Contact us to learn more about our on-site Video Production services for higher budget projects.

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Business, Product or Informational Videos

Includes script, B-Roll, Title Cards, CTA, 10 seconds - 4 minutes, High Quality

Your Details

What we need from you: 

  • Images and video of you, your business, or products (or send us the products and we will create videos with the product)
  • Link to your website and social media accounts so we can gather details
  • Any specific information or text you want to share or focus on
  • Payment so our team can get started creating!

Share details here. You can also share the google drive link to your content or email the details and any video clips and photos to [email protected]

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