Premium Marketing Package

A COMPLETE CONTENT MARKETING PACKAGE that combines highly visible targeted demographic sponsor positions with ongoing content marketing + collaborations in shared marketing funds to gain 10x the visibilility and ROI

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

We are SEO & Content Marketing experts. Your sponsorship ad placement will be in a position of highly visible traffic directly from your targeted demographics to bring more clicks and more clients. Highly favorable for google rankings and SEO with your brand in context with targeted keywords. 

Mass Media Marketing

Premium Package includes a collaboration of funds from Guide community for mass media marketing to 10x your ad spend and vastly increase your reach at a fraction of the cost. 

Ongoing SEO Content Marketing

Boost your community credibility and google rankings with ongoing content marketing in 8 additional articles throughout the year.

HUGE SEO and credibility boost

Build Influencer Status & Credibility

  • Quarterly blog written in your business name as a Guest Blog to showcase your expertise in your industry, talk about seasonal events or updates at your company or specific product or services you want to spotlight

Build SEO and Google Ranking

  • Quality keyword targeted backlink in 4 articles per year that are written about things in your local area or topics related to your business type. Builds brand recognition and backlink authority with your brand placed within your keyword targets

Only 10 Premium spots available per Florida Smart Guide

We are all about quality and keep our sponsor positions to 10 per guide to make your business flow within the content and help our readers connect with your brand. As part of our Premium Package, we only accept 10 spots for collaborative mass marketing of each guide.

What’s Included:

  • Highly Visible Sponsorship position in one of our top area Guides 
  • Quarterly blog written in your business name as a Guest Blog
  • Included backlink in 4 articles per year 
  • Social Media shoutout on Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter
  • Florida Businesses also receive a free full page featured editorial 

Premium Packages only $300/month

Includes Featured Editorial for Florida Businesses, highly visible sponsorship position in our City or Topic Guide, and ongoing content marketing to build your community credibility, influence and increase favorability and rankings on Google. 

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