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At Florida Smart we believe in collaboration to showcase Florida Businesses at a fraction of the cost

Our mission is to unite businesses all across Florida to help grow our local Florida communities.


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Become a sponsor of a guide for your community and have our writers feature you as a key business in your local area


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With a pull of resources from members of your local community your marketing budget goes to direct marketing spend and is amplified to bring more attention and more clicks


Undeniable Demographics to Reach Your Target Audience

When you sponsor a Community Guide on, your collaborative marketing budget goes to direct marketing for your demographic and your target audience. Community Guides are selective and designed to reach specific demographics so that every click through is real


Full Page Spread

Receive a full page featured editorial on your business on to gain more attention and backlinks


FloridaSmart is all about authentic Florida, real Floridians and real businesses in Florida capturing the culture of Florida and strengthening connections between people, organizations and brands.

6x your Marketing Reach at a fraction of the cost

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