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FloridaSmart is a lifestyle and media platform that helps connect Florida Businesses with people who are passionate about everything in their town, social life, business and/or industry. Our goal is to bring people together by sharing information, providing a platform for businesses to be found, information to be shared and to show the world all of the great things that this amazing state has to offer.

FloridaSmart.com Vision

FloridaSmart provides a medium for connecting businesses, organizations and people in Florida to the information they are looking for online. Our innovative website captures Florida’s culture from around the state that includes information, news, stories with a focus on communities. By putting the content in the hands of people who own businesses, work in the communities of Florida and have first hand knowledge of happenings in their area of town or areas of expertise, the information the readers get is current, up-to-date, relevant and most important, authentic.

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FloridaSmart’s Goal is to build a strong community in Florida where businesses can share information and find information in a format that is easy to navigate. 

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FloridaSmart provides the best platform for Florida Businesses, Organizations and blogs to promote your brand in the most cost effective way. We want to be an asset to your company. 

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FloridaSmart.com is about helping Florida businesses be found online. Add your business listing to FloridaSmart.com. This verified listing adds your business website link to the category and location page on FloridaSmart.com. By submitting your website for inclusion, you gain a valuable backlink to your website plus more exposure for branding yourself online. Sign up for a Verified Business Listing on FloridaSmart.com. It’s easy, click here and submit your site. 

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What sets FloridaSmart apart?

FloridaSmart is all about authentic Florida, real Floridians and real businesses in Florida. We are all about capturing the culture of Florida and strengthening connections between people, organizations and brands. Information and reviews about places and businesses is provided by awesome Floridians who live, work, own businesses, blogs and love Florida!

With a population in Florida of over 20 million and an estimated 14 million plus internet users, the opportunity to promote your business and gain exposure is huge. Florida is one of the most connected states in the U.S. FloridaSmart spans media. From launch of our new website and new social platforms, our social network has increased 100x. Join our fast growing network and connect with us on Social Media. We love to share stories and successes on our social platforms.


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